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Mad Men is Back!

mad men quotes season 6

Yes, my favorite show is finally back tomorrow night.  Truth be told, I probably won’t get to watch it until Monday night via cable “on demand” , so I might have to take a leave of absence from all show spoiler technology until Tuesday.

The above graphic is one that I actually put together before last season started for my Velvet & Shag blog.  I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite quotes from seasons past.

Are you going to watch tomorrow night?  How will you celebrate?

Here are a few Mad Men inspired links that should help hold you over until showtime:

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Mad Men Behind the Scenes for Season 6

Mad Men Premiere Party Cocktail:  The Classic Sidecar

Celebrate Mad Men with Retro Snacks and Cocktails

The Mad Men UnButtoned Blog

Enjoy the show!  Julie

Einstein Commercial Love – DSW

Not everyone loves TV commercials, me included.  But when they’re really good, you’ve just got to give respect where respect is due.

These DSW commercials are perfect as far as I’m concerned.  They sort of pay homage to one of my favorite eras, the 60’s, but in a playful  modern way.  And they also are so light and bright and festive.  They really propel you into the fun sunny mood of Spring and Summer.

And I’m definitely ready for Spring and Summer!

Happy Tuesday,